What is Robotic Imaging?

Our team consists of reality capture technicians throughout the world digitizing the future of industrial, commercial and residential real estate. Robotic Imaging digitizes the world with high definition laser scanners and drones. Architects, Engineers, Construction, Developers and project stakeholders work with our data to accelerate real estate development and portfolio scalability.

How does Robotic Imaging work?

Request a scan and we will deploy Robotic Imaging on your site. LiDAR, Drones, BIM and VR are foundational for our applications.

How much does Robotic Imaging cost?

The more accurate to reality, the more time and cost. Our high definition laser scanning can collect lidar and colorized rgb values at a variety of densities specific to your project.
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Where and When is Robotic Imaging available?

When your property is accessible, scanning can occur 24/7, on weekends, outside hours of operation and/or under certifications or procedures.

How did Robotic Imaging start?

Founded in Philadelphia by Real Estate Developers and Programmers. Reach out and connect with us!