What is Scan-to-2D CAD?

Scan-to-2D CAD services refer to the process of creating 2D computer-aided design (CAD) drawings from 3D scans of physical objects or spaces. This process is often used in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry to create accurate and detailed drawings of existing buildings, structures, or mechanical parts.

The process typically starts with a 3D scan of the object or space using a specialized scanning device, such as a laser scanner software. The resulting scan produces a point cloud, which is a set of millions of data points that represent the shape and dimensions of the object or space.

The point cloud data is then imported into a CAD software program, where it is used as a reference to create 2D drawings of the object or space. This process involves tracing over the point cloud data to create lines, arcs, and other geometric shapes that represent the features of the object or space in 2D.

Once the 2D drawings are complete, they can be used for a variety of purposes, such as architectural or mechanical design, structural analysis, or construction documentation. Scan-to-2D CAD services are particularly useful for creating accurate and detailed drawings of complex or irregularly-shaped objects or spaces, which can be difficult to measure and draw manually.

Overall, scan-to-2D CAD services can help to streamline the design and construction process, by providing precise and detailed information about existing conditions, and reducing the need for time-consuming manual measurements and sketches.

To briefly sum it up, Scan-to-CAD is a service that will convert your 3D LiDAR scan into editable, design-ready, professional-grade CAD files.

Scan-to-BIM services convert LiDAR and point cloud data into modeled walls, floors, casework, fireplaces, windows, doors, etc. Basically, any part of the architectural shell of the space is digitized into an editable CAD file. Unbolted items, like furniture and decoration, are typically removed in this conversion process. The CAD file is drawn with the intention to become a good working file for our clients. Robotic Imaging is able to provide our clients with the as-built model already modeled and ready for project-specific work.

After you order a scan with us, we will visit the site, scan the project, process the scans, and run everything through our professional conversion pipeline.

Why Are These Services Valuable?

The models and CAD drawings generated by the process above not only provide visualization, but also enable simulation. This enables architects, engineers, and project managers to better plan and track a construction project. Each step of this process requires specialized equipment and skills and thus often cannot be performed within the team responsible for executing the project. This is why scan to BIM services are so valuable in today's construction economy.

Scan-to-BIM services are important at each stage of a project, not just the beginning. They are crucial not only to understanding the site before construction begins, they are also invaluable for evaluating and documenting the status of the site throughout the project. So as you can imagine, these models are crucial to most modern retail and commercial real estate construction projects. And those undertaking the project often must turn to external scan to BIM services in order to produce the models they need.

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