3D Robotic Imaging

Developers are saving money and accelerating their project timelines from anywhere in the world. We centralize project communications and building documents by integrating with existing data capture workflows.

Builders are turning to adaptive reuse to build cheaper, faster and greener. This is also achieved at the lowest possible cost by creatively tailoring and leveraging what currently exists.

Now, we celebrate the adoption of Robotic Laser Scanning, a critical tool for Industry/Construction 4.0. We are experienced at guiding Fortune 500 companies through their digitization programs.

How Does It Work?

We collect 3D laser scans specific to project goals. This data improves workflows, resulting in more accurate and realistic models. The information collected by our technicians is then passed on to our BIM team, who create highly detailed 3D models.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) further enhances the architectural design process by centralizing construction efficiency.

The Robotic Imaging Integration is accelerating the building industry with key data that can be accessed remotely and at scale.


  • Accurate Data Collection

    Laser scanning captures detailed measurements and colors, making it highly accurate for the built environment.

  • Cost Savings

    Laser scanning prevents costly changes during construction, saving you valuable resources.

  • Eliminate Re-Visits

    We help building professionals focus on design, from their office and/or couch.

  • Time Efficiency

    Robotic Imaging's quick turnaround time ensures projects progress swiftly. What could take weeks with manual measurements can be done within a week.

  • Improved Coordination

    Unified model delivery to all project team members from the start enables seamless coordination and consistent information sharing.