How BIM Services Play a Role in Architectural Planning

Robotic ImagingApril 25, 2022

Architectural BIM services play an integral role in the architectural planning process, from beginning to end. BIM is extremely valuable in making sure that all parties involved in a building's design and construction are on the same page regarding its overall look and use, its functional characteristics, and how each space should function on a day-to-day basis. In today's industry, architects and their teams need precise modeling tools in order to plan, estimate and communicate, and BIM meets those robust modeling needs.

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What Exactly Are Architectural BIM Services?

We've discussed BIM before in this blog, but it never hurts to review. BIM is a building development tool that uses 5-D modeling to design, create, and execute building projects. It differs from CAD, which offers 2D or 3D drawing based on lines, whereas BIM constructs buildings with smart objects that can interact with one another.

BIM software supports the creation of 3rd dimension models, but it also accounts for the 4th dimension of time and the 5th dimension of cost. Eventually, BIM software will incorporate the 6th and 7th dimensions of procurement and operational applications, respectively. The software also allows conversion from 2D to 3D models.

The data required for these models is gathered via LiDAR. Read more on that process here. Gathering the data and creating the models requires collaborative involvement from owners, architects, consultants, engineers, general contractors, construction management, and specialty contractors.

Architectural BIM services are services often provided by 3rd party specialty contracts in which they gather the data and generate the BIM models for an architectural firm. The firm can then use and adjust those models as need without having the upfront time and equipments costs to initialize them.

Architectural BIM Services: Smart, Cost-Effective Construction

In an increasingly digitized world, architectural BIM services have become crucial to all kinds of projects, from retail renovations to building skyscrapers from the ground up.

BIM has many features to support a project from research to review:

  • Offers visualizations to non-technical people during simulation
  • Corrects errors during the planning stage
  • Displays plans and ideas in marketing presentations
  • Coordinates construction sequencing
  • Validates designs
  • Completes digital mock-ups
  • Clarifies scope
  • Analyzes options during the planning process
  • Detects collisions
  • Conducts sightline studies during execution

Architectural BIM services save time and money, providing the data and models that architects need without in-house equipment and expertise. To learn more about the services that Robotic Imaging can provide, reach out to us via the form below.

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