LiDAR Scanning For Commercial Renovations

Robotic ImagingApril 21, 2022

LiDAR scanning services give contractors and engineers vital access to as-built 3D models of the current structure. For commercial real estate renovations, scans help contractors build a risk-free design plan, estimate costs accurately, and communicate efficiently with clients using precise, up-to-date data.

LiDAR scanning can help renovators collect precise data on ground classifications and locational data, including terrain mapping; determine the volume contained within an area to help contractors and clients plan their design more efficiently; complete elevation modeling to ensure elements work well within the terrain; find patterns of change over time, including erosion areas, to save costs on remodels; and much more.

Build a Risk-Free Plan

LiDAR scanning captures millions of data points per second, providing incredibly accurate and detailed models of every aspect of the renovation. This detail helps contractors produce precise design plans and help locate and correct risks to avoid delays and change orders. Scanning services help monitor changes and patterns in the building that could lead to a loss of resources, like time and materials. During the renovation, LiDAR scans can be compared to the renovation design plan, and if any data points don’t line up, issues can be corrected before the project is delayed.

During the planning process, LiDAR scanning provides essential information to the contractor without disrupting the project environment. For example, if a hotel is being renovated, it can continue to generate revenue during the planning process without much interference. Or, if the renovation is happening in a hazardous or inaccessible location, the LiDAR scan can provide valuable information to the contractor about the project needs without endangering workers.

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Estimate Costs Accurately

When using scanning services, contractors can ensure the project design plan is as accurate as possible before finalizing the cost estimate. Scans unveil hidden issues before the project starts, which decreases the need for costly plan modifications after resources have been spent.

Scans can also be used to view the project offsite, reducing the need for site visits and saving contractor and client time. Overall, contractors and engineers can provide a more accurate project scope and cost analysis while saving time and resources.

Communicate with Precise, Up-To-Date Data

Contractors can utilize LiDAR scan data points to communicate accurate, time-sensitive data to their clients. A LiDAR scan quickly provides precise, high-speed data collection with sharable data sets. Having well-managed data decreases costly mistakes and allows employees to focus on other tasks instead of using their time to organize data. Providing a fast turnaround of accurate project data to the client increases trust and positive communication. It ensures the project is completed correctly without friction and miscommunication, resulting in a better use of time and resources.

LiDAR scanning services provide millions of data points to eliminate errors and reduce change orders and waste. It saves clients and contractors thousands of dollars while also improving working conditions and renovation success. To learn more about the LiDAR scanning services provided by Robotic Imaging, fill out the form below.

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