The Big Advantages to 3D Laser Scanning in Construction

Robotic ImagingJuly 1, 2022

Our scan-to-BIM services have been used by companies to achieve exact site conditions. Recently, Robotic Imaging completed 113 scan-to-BIM 7/11 convenience store sites within only 3 weeks. Our clients at 7/11 can fully rely on these deliverables to make coordinated and accurate future construction project plans. For instance, ductwork and electrical can be better standardized, as the as-built model provides such accuracy that hand measurements just cannot provide.

Given the three week timeline, one can see how using laser scanning services can significantly reduce the time it takes to measure construction sites. By opting to use Robotic Imaging’s scan-to-BIM services instead of traditional methods, time is reduced sometimes by even 60%! LiDAR can capture millions of data points in less than an hour. To compare, a team of data extractors without laser scanners would take 2 to 6 weeks to get a precise as-built model. Naturally, due to the time savings, the cost is significantly reduced. But cost is not only reduced due to the time savings. Inaccurate site measurements (typically extracted by hand) result in additional expenses from extra man hours, trade materials, project delays, and so on. By choosing a highly accurate scan-to-BIM, you are guaranteed to have a precise model.

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The biggest benefit by far is the enhanced coordination. Majority of our clients work directly with other consultants in the industry to best optimize their projects. By starting the project with a central, accurate model, the project starts on the right track. Scan-to-BIM eliminates the need for on-site visits, which are incredibly expensive and time draining. Laser scanning creates a 3D virtual overview and Matterport provides photogrammetry which combined eliminates the need for site visits. A project team has access to the smallest site details, to better understand the complexities present in the site.

Scanning technology is the answer for our clients. Robotic Imaging prides itself by providing our clients with beautiful, high quality final CAD models. All the site information is derived once, and our clients will reference throughout the project’s lifespan. At Robotic Imaging, 113 7/11 convenience store scans and final models were completed in only 21 days.Traditional scanning methods just cannot beat the scanning benefits. So, what are you waiting for?

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