What is Robotic Imaging?

We are a digital twin creation and maintenance system for the built environment. Robotic Imaging connects and analyzes real world assets with BIM, 3D scanning, VR imaging and drones across the building industry. Our digital strategy is tailored for Corporations, Architects, Engineers, General Contractors, Owners and Sub-Contractors looking to accelerate projects remotely and at scale.

Are there videos that support the Robotic Imaging workflow?

What Types of Laser Scanners Does Robotic Imaging Deploy?
SCANSATION P40Use Cases: Large Civil, Industrial ProjectsKey Features: Speed – 1,000,000 pts/secondRange – Min 0.4, Up to 270m 3D Point Accuracy Scans 40 - 50m away
SCANSATION P50Use Cases: Large Civil, Infrastructural ProjectsKey Features: Speed – 1,000,000 pts/secondRange – Min 0.4, Up to 1km 3D Point Accuracy Low Range Noise
LEICA RTC 360Use Cases: Industrial, Large Spaces, Land SurveyingKey Features: Speed – 2,000,000 pts/secondRange – Min 0.5, Up to 130m 3D Point Accuracy
NAVVIS VLXUse Cases: Geo-Registration, Surveying, Higher LOD ProjectsKey Features: Speed – 300,000 pts/secondRange – 100m max 903m Wavelength
LEICA BLK 360Use Cases: Residential, Offices, Drop Ceilings, Roofing, Small SpacesKey Features: Speed – 360,000 pts/secondRange – Min 0.6, Up to 60m 3D Point Accuracy
MATTERPORT PRO3Use Cases: 3D Visualization of Current ConditionsKey Features: Speed – 100,000 pts/secondRange – 100m Less than 20 seconds/spin Shareable Link
LEICA BLK 2Use Cases: Residential, Offices, HDR Imaging, Small SpacesKey Features: Speed – 34,000 pts/secondRange – Min 0.6, Up to 45m 3D Point Accuracy
MATTERPORT PRO2Use Cases: 3D Visualization of Current ConditionsKey Features: 4k Resolution5m Distance20 seconds/spinShareable Link

How much does Robotic Imaging cost?

The more accurate to reality, the more time and cost. We collect LiDAR and colorized rgb values with details custom to project goals.

Where and When is Robotic Imaging available?

Anywhere, 24/7! Using our free scheduling app, you choose when and where you need us.

What if I can’t order Robotic Imaging in my country or region?

We are able to service every region and most countries. If you have a special project like this. Reach out here.

Does Robotic Imaging store my Personal Information?

Our Privacy Policy contains details about how we collect, use, and share Personal Information that we obtain from and about you when you interact with us on our website, via our mobile app, via email, and through other online and offline interactions. Our Privacy Notice is here. Reach out to us at info@roboticimaging.com if you have questions or concerns.

Where can I write a Robotic Imaging review?

If you’d like to let us know how we’re doing, write a review on your app store on Google Play or Apple App Store. We love to hear feedback from our customers. Are you a brand interested in working with Robotic Imaging? Reach out here.

Can I transfer any data directly to my project page?

Absolutely! You can transfer data directly to your project page by entering your project password into this transfer link. You can also share your project password with others, so that they can upload data to the project page without having to login.

I don’t see an answer to my question. What should I do?

If you do not see an answer to your question here, please reach out: +1 267-969-1153, info@roboticimaging.com, or you can quickly submit info to our team here.