Level 200 Modeling:

  • Architectural – LOD 200 will show thickness of walls, window sizes and shapes, and decorative interior/exterior elements will be represented as squared off “blocks” with no measurable detail (for example, crown moulding will not have any curves and will be represented as a solid rectangle at the widest part of the moulding
  • Structural –  LOD 200 will show major structural elements such as beam, column, and girders. Braces, bridging and connection plates will not be shown.

Level 300 Modeling:

  • Parts necessary for coordination of the element with nearby or attached elements are modeled. These include items like supports and connections. The quantity size, shape, location and orientation of the elements. Model can be directly measured from without referring to non-modeled information such as dimension call-outs.
  • Architectural – LOD 300 will show recesses around windows, more blocking on decorative elements.
  • Structural –  LOD 300 will include smaller structural members like column braces and bridging.

Level 350 Modeling:

  • Architectural – LOD 350 will show in detail the existing shapes of the moulding, layers will be represented in the wall components, and items around openings like brick soldiers will be modeled.
  • Structural –  LOD 350 will include base plate connections (no hardware).

Level 400 Modeling:

  • The Model element is graphically represented within the model as a specific system, object or assembly in terms of size, shape, location, quantity and orientation with detailing, fabrication, assembly and installation information.
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