Benefits of 3D Laser Scanning Services in the Construction Industry

Robotic ImagingSeptember 21, 2022

3D laser scan services have to be accurate and precise because they are responsible for the photo documentation of the construction projects. The growing popularity of Robotic Imaging's scan-to-BIM services in construction projects is because of their highly dynamic and detailed documentation, monitoring, quality assurance, project detection, and easy access. Let’s further discuss the extensive role of LiDAR in the construction industry and how you can use it in such projects.

What is the Role of LiDAR and Point Cloud in the Construction Industry?

The powerful lasers capture the real-time data in three dimensions by measuring the distances of the construction site environment and objects. And you can feed the captured data in rendering software because it’s a cloud of millions of data points.

You can further use the data to create interactive schematic diagrams for highly accurate project measurements. Similarly, 3D laser scan architecture systems can help construction managers and engineers to keep up with the detailed site inspection and quality of infrastructure.

How Accurate is Robotic Imaging Laser Scan-to-BIM?

If you are planning to utilize Robotic Imaging's laser scan services, know that this service will be extremely precise and will provide you with the correct measurements the first time. You can also use the laser scan services to create 3D architectural walkthroughs, which saves unnecessary costs and labor.

In short, you get a digital duplicate of the existing physical structure of your construction job site with the help of Robotic Imaging 3D laser scanning services and access to the distance, area, and other elements of the job site.

How Can You Use Point Cloud in Construction Projects? Have you contacted Robotic Imaging for a 3D laser scan service and wondered what you can do with the point cloud? Well, there are many 3D point cloud rendering applications in the construction industry:


You can use the point cloud by quickly accessing it by scanning as-built measurements directly to BIM using any software you like.

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Surveying Complex Locations

Worksites, including new builds, demolitions, and renovations, consist of very complex structures. Manually surveying complex structures means an increase in the budget due to staffing needs and increases the risk of error. Point cloud services streamline the process.

Streamlining & Optimizing Processes

There is no better way to streamline construction site processes using a 3D point cloud, from planning and operation to management and monitoring. The biggest benefit by far is the enhanced coordination. Majority of Robotic Imaging's clients work directly with other consultants in the industry to best optimize their projects. By starting the project with a central, accurate model, the project starts on the right track. Using point clouds and scan-to-BIM services, it eliminates the need for on-site visits, which are incredibly expensive and time draining. Laser scanning creates a 3D virtual overview and Matterport provides photogrammetry which combined eliminates the need for site visits. A project team has access to the smallest site details, to better understand the complexities present in the site.

Potential ROI of 3D Laser Scanning

First, the ROI on your 3D laser scanning investment depends on the company you’re approaching. For instance, if you are using Robotic Imaging laser scanning services, it can turn out great. Several other factors decide the ROI of 3D laser scanning, like the complexity and size of your construction project.

However, LiDAR can help you save costs through offsite monitoring and inspection, project planning, better administrative strategies, and tracking different project stages. All such processes otherwise require unnecessary trips to the project site, enhancing costs.

Poor management and inaccuracy in the construction world can cause potential bankruptcy no one wants. Fortunately, Robotic Imaging laser point clouds and scan-to-BIM services can help improve project accuracies and save thousands of dollars. Robotic Imaging is an experienced laser scan service provider that will guide you throughout the construction projects and help digitize them in the best possible way.

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