The Different Applications of Point Cloud Services

Robotic ImagingApril 28, 2022

Architects, construction companies, and other industries rely on point cloud modeling because it can be used to make all kinds of models that are: Efficient: Instead of waiting for data to process, let the software do the work for you. You can upload it into your desired software platform to get the data and models you need.

Accurate: Point cloud modeling offers incredibly precise and accurate data collection.

Cost-effective: Point cloud services decrease labor costs and help project managers and engineers plan a more accurate budget by helping to avoid unforeseen expenses.

Models that use Point Cloud Services

These are just some of the models that can be created using point clouds.

CAD Models

CAD, or Computer-Aided Design, utilizes computers to build, examine, or enhance digital models. CAD applications, created by companies like Autodesk, Dassault Systems, Siemens PLM Software, and PTC, help engineers better understand and visualize their designs through exceptional rendering and animation capabilities. 4D BIM, or construction sequencing, helps engineers visualize their project holistically by syncing the project schedule and the 3D model.

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Polygon Mesh

Polygon Meshes are one of the oldest forms of geometry representation used in computer graphics. These meshes are made up of simple polygons. Polygons can be combined to make more complex shapes and include elements like vertices, edges, faces, polygons. Polygon Meshes are only used to recreate the surfaces of objects, not the volume.

Triangle Mesh

A triangle mesh is actually a type of polygon mesh. This mesh is made up of connected triangles. Elements include vertices, edges, and triangles.

NURBS Surface Models

NURBS is an acronym for Non-Uniform Rational Basis Spline. NURBS is a mathematical model that helps create and display curves and surfaces. Autodesk and other 3D modeling & animation programs have the capacity to simplify the complex math into user-friendly tools.

Different applications for Point Cloud Models.

These are just some of the different applications for models that can be generated from point clouds.

Modeling landforms

Land surveyors can utilize point cloud services when building models of landforms. Large plots of land can take vast amounts of time and effort to complete but point cloud services can help decrease time spent surveying the land while also increasing accuracy.

Surveying complex locations

Worksites, including new builds, demolitions, and renovations, consist of very complex structures. Manually surveying complex structures means an increase in the budget due to staffing needs and increases the risk of error. Point cloud services streamline the process.

Creating as-built drawings and models

When making changes to a structure, like during a renovation, it is vital to have an accurate as-built drawing of the space to understand the current layout and condition of the structure.


Archeologists can also use point cloud data to discover hidden settlements underground. Point clouds provide data that can help find artifacts and new dig sites. Data can also help build digital replicas of discoveries.

Designing prosthetics

Doctors and other medical professionals can efficiently use cloud point data to design highly accurate prosthetics for patients.

Special effects

Hollywood also uses point cloud data to produce accurate special effects for movies and TV. Gaming companies are beginning to adopt this technology for video games we well.

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