Why Visualization Matters

Robotic ImagingJanuary 3, 2022

In recent years, visualization in this industry has become the primary method of communication. Effective visualization techniques and strategies enable new designs and architecture to become materialized in its respective environment. But why is it important to even have a sense of visual literacy?

When one thinks about it, human history and our own stories have been spliced together based on certain cave depictions, composed of icons and figure drawings. Author John Berger points out, “a child looks and recognizes before it speaks,” hinting at the importance of vision. Images and visuals have a more significant impact on our memory than words and conversations. How does this apply to the professional field though? Visualization is a powerful tool and the architecture. construction, and the real estate industry benefit from.

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3D laser scanning and architectural visualization has been recently developed and capitalized upon within the previous decade. Laser scanning has the capability to translate a built environment into a digital one, which can be sent world wide to better explain the parameters of a project. With such a precise 3D model, architects and designers can explore and iterate on existing buildings and further develop a better property. Furthermore, by capturing and recording this 3D scanning data, cultural landmarks can properly be documented and better preserved. This allows for these properties to better be serviced but also these digital visualizations can be shared on the web, so others can explore the charm of older, historic buildings.

3D scanning has evolved into a massive collection of data of multiple building typologies. With the capability of capturing photo-realistic models with such complex geometries, the industry as a whole benefits. The visualization of these projects and properties allow individuals better communicate and save time.

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