Your Guide to Choosing the Right BIM Outsourcing Partner

Robotic ImagingSeptember 4, 2022

A digital world is the future of construction, and BIM is at its epicenter. It is the driving force transforming the architecture, engineering, and construction industry. According to recent research, the BIM market is expected to rise up to $4,210 million by 2024.

Considering the importance of BIM, it’s no wonder more and more AEC professionals are turning to BIM solutions like Scan to BIM Modeling and retail LiDAR scanning for their construction projects. However, the application of BIM requires skill and a holistic understanding of the concept, a challenge that most companies face.

Companies attempting to implement BIM struggle with cost and time constraints, lack of professionals, and the infrastructure required. Therefore BIM outsourcing increases the proficiency and quality of your modeling and saves the time and cost of acquiring in-house talent and technology.

Now, the question arises, how do you select the right BIM outsourcing partner for your project? The following are a few factors you should consider before settling for one.

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Check Their Experience with BIM

It goes without saying that choosing a BIM outsourcing partner with adequate experience is the first level of screening the company should pass. It helps to find out more about their past BIM projects and their success. You can check user reviews, read their case studies, browse their social media profiles, and conduct thorough research on whether the company can proficiently handle your project.

Inquire About Their Expertise in Your Preferred Software Solution

BIM can be created on various software, depending on the deliverables. Not every company would have expertise in using each software; therefore, you should find out if they have the capability of working on your preferred software solution.

Ensure If They Can Deliver Within the Required Time Frame

One of the primary reasons for BIM outsourcing is to complete your modeling on time. Since BIM is the first building block in the construction process, you should make sure the company has the competency to deliver the model within the deadline. You can check client testimonials and user reviews to determine if the company has a strong record of being punctual.

Check Quality Standards and Accreditations

The effectiveness of a BIM depends on high-quality control. The outsourcing partner you select should have accredited quality standards and robust quality checks to create models with precision while avoiding errors. Moreover, professional accreditations like Autodesk affiliation shows the quality of work you can expect from the company.

Establish Communication

The firm you choose for BIM outsourcing services should be able to fulfill project requirements and meet client expectations. This can’t be possible without clear and close communication with the team. Therefore, you should ask what communication strategy the outsourcing firm uses to give shape to your vision and how they plan to keep you in the loop for developments and changes in the modeling.

The success of your BIM project depends on the ability of the BIM outsourcing firm you choose, so make sure you research well before selecting one.

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