Robotic Imaging Launches Revolutionary Mobile App for Enhanced Field Operations

Robotic Imaging, June 02, 2024


Robotic Imaging, a leading innovator in digital field management and documentation, is thrilled to announce the launch of its groundbreaking…

Level of Detail

Robotic Imaging, May 03, 2024


Level 200 Modeling: Architectural – LOD 200 will show thickness of walls, window sizes and shapes, and decorative interior/exterior elements…

Revolutionize Your Facility Management with Robotic Imaging’s Mobile App

Robotic Imaging, April 25, 2024


In the fast-paced world where real-time data and efficiency reign supreme, managing and documenting commercial spaces has been a time…

Practical VR for Adaptive Re Use

Robotic Imaging, April 2, 2024


Robotic Imaging harnesses the power of Virtual Reality (VR) to create, store, and share visually-rich 3D models of physical spaces.

Standard 3D Revit Delivery

Robotic Imaging, March 31, 2024


We collect 3D laser scans specific to project goals. This data improves workflows, resulting in more accurate and realistic models. The information collected by our technicians is then passed on to our BIM team, who create highly detailed 3D models.

Robotic Imaging Data Exchange

Robotic Imaging, March 28, 2024


Robotic Imaging deploys cyber-physical construction systems across the world to centralize as-built data that bridges the gap between the physical site and its digital twin.

Standard 2D CAD Delivery

Robotic Imaging, March 26, 2024


2D CAD drawings have diverse applications, from architectural and mechanical design to structural analysis and construction documentation.

Standard Drone Deliverables

Robotic Imaging, March 24, 2024


This article will give you an in depth understanding of Sample Aerial Drone services provided by Robotic Imaging.

What is a Point Cloud?

Robotic Imaging, February 28, 2024


Point Clouds are plotted data points representing space, with each point in an X, Y, Z coordinate to represent a surface. These data points…

Bathymetry Laser Scanning: Understanding Structure And Its Connection To Terrestrial Data

Robotic Imaging, January 26, 2024


What if we could dive deeper into these hidden ocean recesses and explore these underwater depths using cutting-edge technology? Enter…

Top 10 Most Accurate Laser Scanners for Digital Architecture and Construction

Robotic Imaging, November 27, 2023


Laser scanning technology has transformed the architecture and construction industries by providing accurate and efficient ways to capture…

Revolutionizing Retail: Scan-to-BIM Technology in Retail Store Documentation

Robotic Imaging, November 21, 2023


In an era of fierce competition, retail brands are continuously seeking innovative ways to enhance efficiency, streamline operations, and…

Exploring the Limitations of Matterport in Achieving Construction Accuracy in the Retail Sector

Robotic Imaging, November 16, 2023


One of the critical components of modern construction projects is the ability to create accurate and reliable building information models…

The Benefits of LiDAR 3D Scanning in Retail: Standardizing 3D Documentation for Consistency and Efficiency

Robotic Imaging, November 15, 2023


As retail brands continue to evolve and embrace technological advancements, the adoption of LiDAR 3D scanning has become increasingly…

C-Store's Secret for Fast Remodels, Refreshers, Re-Brands and Acquisitions

Robotic Imaging, November 08, 2023


Convenience stores play a crucial role in our fast-paced society, providing us with essential products and services. To stay competitive and…

LiDAR and AI for Construction Site Monitoring: Revolutionizing Progress, Resource Tracking, and Safety

Robotic Imaging, October 31, 2023


Construction sites are known for their complexity, hazardous environments, and dynamic nature. The need for efficient monitoring, resource…

The Revolutionary Impact of LiDAR on Architecture and Construction

Robotic Imaging, October 25, 2023


The advancement of technology has continuously reshaped and revolutionized various industries, and the architecture and construction sector…

Improving LiDAR with Artificial Intelligence: A Revolutionary Leap in Perception Technology

Robotic Imaging, October 20, 2023


The AEC industry is undergoing a remarkable transformation in the modern era, largely due to technological advancements that are reshaping…

Improving LiDAR with Artificial Intelligence: A Revolutionary Leap in Perception Technology

Robotic Imaging, October 13, 2023


LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology has revolutionized the way we perceive and map our surroundings. It has become an integral…

The Radical Transformation of the Architecture Industry Through AI Integration and Laser Scanning

Robotic Imaging, October 04, 2023


The Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry is witnessing a revolutionary transformation through the integration of…

Beyond Blueprints: Using Virtual Reality to Enhance AEC Project Planning and Design

Robotic Imaging, May 31, 2023


The AEC industry has become a hotbed for virtual reality (VR) technology in recent years, and with good reason. VR can help save time, money…

9 Benefits of Using LiDAR Scan to BIM Technology for Your Construction Projects

Robotic Imaging, May 24, 2023


The construction industry has been using 3D models to visualize the structure of a building or any other structure which is under…

How To Choose the Right Scan-to-BIM Service Provider?

Robotic Imaging, May 16, 2023


One of the fastest growing trends in the construction industry is utilizing scan-to-BIM services. It has gained widespread acceptance…

How Scan-to-BIM Services are Changing the Way Architects Approach Design

Robotic Imaging, May 9, 2023


Scan-to-BIM is a technology-enabled process for extracting point clouds and building models using this 3D scan data. Before BIM, architects…

What Is the Typical Scan-to-BIM Workflow?

Robotic Imaging, May 3, 2023


Scanning is a primary component for scan-to-BIM. But there are also other steps that you should consider. If you've ever wondered what the…

Why Isn’t Scan-to-BIM Services an Industry Standard in the AEC Industry? But Here Is Why It Should Be.

Robotic Imaging, April 21, 2023


As an industry, the AEC community has a lot of catching up to do. The technology exists to transform traditional processes and make them…

What Are the Potential Applications of the Scan-to-BIM Model?

Robotic Imaging, April 18, 2023


Scan-to-BIM has been around for a few years, but it hasn't gained much traction among contractors and other types of construction…

How Can LIDAR and Scan-to-BIM Services Improve Roadway Safety and Help Optimize Infrastructure in Cities Across the United States?

Robotic Imaging, April 11, 2023


We know that 3D scanning and scanning-to-BIM services can be used to improve safety and optimize infrastructure in cities across the United…

Why Robots Are a Big Step Towards Autonomous Reality Capture

Robotic Imaging, April 7, 2023


The use of robots for construction is a growing trend. If you're looking for an easy way to speed up and improve the accuracy of your scan…

How and Why Are Point Clouds Used in Laser Scanning Services?

Robotic Imaging, March 29, 2023


A laser scanning service is a critical part of any building project. When you use a laser scanning service, you can capture an image of your…

How Do Drones Work in LiDAR and Robotic Imaging?

Robotic Imaging, March 22, 2023


LiDAR imaging is a fascinating technology that allows us to scan an area and create a 3D model. After being used by NASA to map the Moon…

What is Clash Detection and How Does LiDAR Scanning Resolve Potential Clashes

Robotic Imaging, March 15, 2023


Introduction The AEC industry is rapidly evolving, but the pace of change is presenting challenges for construction and design professionals…

How Scan-to-BIM Services Expedite Historic Industrial Adaptive Reuse Projects

Robotic Imaging, March 8, 2023


With historic preservation on the rise and adaptive reuse projects becoming more common, it's important for project owners to find ways to…

4 Benefits Of 3D Laser Scanning In the Healthcare Buildings

Robotic Imaging, March 1, 2023


The healthcare building typology is extremely complex when compared to traditional buildings. Having accurately scanned information at your…

How Laser Scan to BIM Services Help Educational Building Typologies

Robotic Imaging, February 13, 2023


Educational building typologies are a complicated topic. It's important to understand the different types of educational building typologies…

What is Level of Detail (LOD)?

Robotic Imaging, January 24, 2023


In laser scanning, Level of Detail (LOD) is the term used to describe the resolution of the 3D scan. The higher the LOD, the more detail is…

How Using LiDAR Drone Surveying Can Optimize Workflows

Robotic Imaging, January 14, 2023


LiDAR drone surveying is a fast, efficient way to produce 3D point clouds. It enables you to gather critical data while reducing your risk…

How to Optimize Your 3D Revit Modeling Workflows with LiDAR Scanning

Robotic Imaging, January 11, 2023


What is LiDAR scanning and how does it work in relation to 3D modeling software like Revit? LiDAR scanning is a technology that uses lasers…

The Many Benefits of 3D Laser Scanning

Robotic Imaging, January 9, 2023


If you work in the Architecture, Engineering, or Construction (AEC) industry, then you know that time is money. And if there's one…

Answering Common Questions About 3D Laser Scanning in Construction

Robotic Imaging, January 4, 2023


Robotic Imaging believes that absolutely everyone in the AEC industry would significantly benefit from laser scanning technology. LiDAR…

How To Successfully Plan a 3D Laser Scanning Survey

Robotic Imaging, December 31, 2022


Getting the proper as-built documentation of any existing project is critical to a project's success. LiDAR scanning has become more…

LiDAR Mapping Backpacks: Everything You Need to Know

Robotic Imaging, December 23, 2022


From Leica Pegasus:Backpack to Google’s Street View Trekker Backpack to Microsoft’s Ultracam Panther, LiDAR is now commonly used to retrieve…

How Construction Sites Are Improved with LiDAR

Robotic Imaging, December 16, 2022


Construction sites are a dangerous place to work. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2020, the construction sector…

LiDAR Scan Technology For Autonomous Vehicles

Robotic Imaging, December 14, 2022


Have you heard about self-driving cars? Well, these cars are called autonomous vehicles, and as the name suggests, they can drive by…

Why LiDAR Is the Most Important Step for Your Project

Robotic Imaging, December 5, 2022


LiDAR scanning used for architectural and planning purposes has reimagined the planning, design, and construction of buildings worldwide…

Matterport’s New Pro3: Everything You Need to Know

Robotic Imaging, November 29, 2022


Photogrammetry and digital twin creation has been the trend of the future. Using Matterport technology, one can create everything from…

Top 4 Best LiDAR Scan Apps For iPhone

Robotic Imaging, November 21, 2022


If you own the latest iPhone and do not use its LiDAR scan feature, you are missing out on a lot of amazing things. In order to map out…

Use Of Scan-to-BIM In Designing Sports Stadium

Robotic Imaging, November 17, 2022


Have you ever been to a football stadium? If you have, you might have witnessed how massive they are. Well, in order to design and construct…

What Is a Point Cloud Library?

Robotic Imaging, November 7, 2022


We've talked a lot about point clouds. What exactly are point clouds? You might have heard of the term before, but not what it actually…

LiDAR Scan vs. Photogrammetry: Which One Is Best For Aerial Mapping?

Robotic Imaging, October 31, 2022


There are primarily two main methods for gathering data for the purpose of aerial mapping. These include LiDAR scan and photogrammetry. The…

The Complete Scan-to-BIM Process

Robotic Imaging, October 27, 2022


Scan-to-BIM is a process that makes use of cutting-edge technologies like 3D laser scanning, and high-definition photogrammetry for the…

How Can 3D Laser Scanning Help You?

Robotic Imaging, October 18, 2022


Looking to save time, energy, and money? Here’s the ultimate scanning guide of everything you need to know about 3D laser scanning in…

Reverse Engineering in 3D Laser Scanning

Robotic Imaging, October 10, 2022


3D Laser Scan Utilization in Reverse Engineering – How it Works? Robotic Imaging has been providing 3D laser scan services for several years…

What Are the Top Construction Risks You Can Avoid with Laser Scan Services?

Robotic Imaging, October 4, 2022


Construction managers and engineers know the importance of risk management at different stages of construction projects; otherwise, they…

The Utilization of 3D Laser Scanning in Industrial Plant Design

Robotic Imaging, September 26, 2022


Designing and building industrial plants is one of the most hectic jobs for professionals because it requires high accuracy and absolute…

Benefits of 3D Laser Scanning Services in the Construction Industry

Robotic Imaging, September 21, 2022


3D laser scan services have to be accurate and precise because they are responsible for the photo documentation of the construction projects…

LiDAR is Transforming the World of Real Estate

Robotic Imaging, September 13, 2022


Although "LiDAR" sounds quite familiar to "radar," it is more accurate and precise than the latter, as it produces lasers of much lower…

Your Guide to Choosing the Right BIM Outsourcing Partner

Robotic Imaging, September 4, 2022


A digital world is the future of construction, and BIM is at its epicenter. It is the driving force transforming the architecture…

Application of LiDAR Drone Surveying - Which Industries Can Benefit from LiDAR Drones?

Robotic Imaging, September 1, 2022


The LiDAR drone market is expected to grow from $133 million in 2020 to $392 million by 2025. The CAGR growth of 24.2% shows that the LiDAR…

3D Laser Scanning is the Future of Building Constructions

Robotic Imaging, August 23, 2022


The use of laser scanning services has taken over the AEC industry and rapidly transformed its processes. With the emerging integration of…

What are the Advantages of Using LiDAR in Retail Real Estate?

Robotic Imaging, August 15, 2022


With the speed at which technology is taking over every industry, real estate can not be lagging. Hence, 3D property scanning has become the…

CAD Drawing Services | Types of CAD Drawings

Robotic Imaging, August 8, 2022


CAD or Computer-Aided Design is a computer software that helps create 2D and 3D building models and designs. This multifaceted software is…

What Purpose Does an Architectural BIM Service Serve?

Robotic Imaging, August 3, 2022


BIM, an acronym for Building Information Modeling, is a modern approach to architectural design where a 3D model facilitates the…

LiDAR Drones - How Do They Work?

Robotic Imaging, July 31, 2022


The aerial LiDAR drone system gives out precise and accurate geo-rectified and colorized point cloud. It is used for multiple purposes by…

Best Practices for A Successful Scan to BIM Process

Robotic Imaging, July 25, 2022


The Scan to BIM Process has helped enhance the productivity of AEC professionals with the creation of smart 3D building models where each…

Understanding the Role of 3D Laser Scanning in BIM

Robotic Imaging, July 21, 2022


BIM, or Building Information Modelling, is the future of the construction industry. Aided by technology such as 3D Laser Scanning, BIM has…

How 3D Scanning Services Are Set to Change the Future of Real Estate

Robotic Imaging, July 14, 2022


There are hundreds of builders and real estate developers in the country, and everyone has their set of unique skills and credentials. So…

How Can Adaptive Reuse Solve the Housing Crisis in America?

Robotic Imaging, July 13, 2022


Across the United States, people are struggling finding affordable housing. Pre-pandemic, the housing market was already competitive, but…

What Problem Does Scan-to-BIM Services Solve?

Robotic Imaging, July 8, 2022


In an ideal situation, a building designer would have access to smart 3D models in which all the design elements are clearly defined. A…

Power Plant Yonkers: Historical Industrial Renovation

Robotic Imaging, July 7, 2022


Robotic Imaging in 2021 recently completed a massive scan-to-BIM project of the Yonkers Power Plant, in Yonkers, NY. Built from 1904 to 190…

The Big Advantages to 3D Laser Scanning in Construction

Robotic Imaging, July 1, 2022


Our scan-to-BIM services have been used by companies to achieve exact site conditions. Recently, Robotic Imaging completed 113 scan-to-BIM…

The Future Is Here: Laser Scanning for Adaptive Reuse Projects

Robotic Imaging, June 28, 2022


The architecture, engineering and construction industry worldwide have been looking for new methodologies to optimize project timelines and…

Scan To BIM: Types of 3D Scanning Technologies

Robotic Imaging, May 11, 2022


3D Scanners are the most reliable answer for digitizing any building these days. It is estimated that using our scan-to-BIM method is…

LODs in BIM Explained

Robotic Imaging, May 6, 2022


What is LOD? LOD or Level of Development is a defined industry standard that helps project leaders, architects, engineers, and other project…

LiDAR with Drones

Robotic Imaging, May 3, 2022


LiDAR drones are self-explanatory, they consist of a drone equipped with LiDAR sensors. When a high-resolution 3D model of something large…

Mapping The World: How Scanning Technologies Can Save Lost Historic Buildings

Robotic Imaging, May 2, 2022


On April 15, 2019, the Notre Dame Cathedral caught fire and its iconic spire burned, the majority of the roof was destroyed, and the upper…

The History of Laser Scanning

Robotic Imaging, April 30, 2022


What is Laser scanning? Laser scanning as a surveying method is used to generate complex models of land and buildings. It collects data…

The Different Applications of Point Cloud Services

Robotic Imaging, April 28, 2022


Architects, construction companies, and other industries rely on point cloud modeling because it can be used to make all kinds of models…

What is 3D Scan to Revit

Robotic Imaging, April 26, 2022


What is Revit? Revit is a specialized software used to generate, manage, and evaluate 3D models with exceptional detail. It was created by…

How LiDAR Scans Assist with Industrial Conversion

Robotic Imaging, April 25, 2022


Existing structures can be successfully and economically translated into 3D digital CAD models. Extracting accurate spatial information is…

How BIM Services Play a Role in Architectural Planning

Robotic Imaging, April 25, 2022


Architectural BIM services play an integral role in the architectural planning process, from beginning to end. BIM is extremely valuable in…

LiDAR Scanning For Commercial Renovations

Robotic Imaging, April 21, 2022


LiDAR scanning services give contractors and engineers vital access to as-built 3D models of the current structure. For commercial real…

Drone Photography For Commercial Real Estate Prospects

Robotic Imaging, April 18, 2022


Drone technology has advanced significantly over the past decade to the point where it has become accessible as a household hobby. Many…

Using LiDAR in Retail Real Estate Scanning Service: How It Works

Robotic Imaging, April 18, 2022


LiDAR is a ranging scanning method that emits infrared light rays. It measures how long it takes to come back to the scanner after hitting…

The Value of Reality Capture Services

Robotic Imaging, April 16, 2022


The commercial building construction industry is valued at more than $225.3 Billion in 2022. Also, the market size of commercial…

The Different Kinds of Construction Imaging

Robotic Imaging, April 12, 2022


Why Construction Imaging is Important As anybody in the industry knows, keeping track of a construction project of any size is quite the…

3D Scanning Services are Changing Real Estate

Robotic Imaging, April 10, 2022


What Kind of 3D Scanning are we Talking About? There are many kinds of 3D scanning services, but when it comes to the real estate industry…

The What and Why of Scan to BIM Services

Robotic Imaging, April 6, 2022


What Exactly are Scan to BIM Services? It is a common question - let's start with BIM. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the creation…

BIM Is The Future

Robotic Imaging, March 21, 2022


The construction industry sometimes is slow to adapt to new innovations. However, with the new era of technology consisting of virtual…

How COVID-19 and LiDAR Relate

Robotic Imaging, March 5, 2022


The demand for technological advances is in high demand. Big data, AI development, and sourcing technologies are critical tools used by…

Laser & LiDAR Scanning’s Role in Historic Preservation

Robotic Imaging, February 23, 2022


With multiple firms and organizations dedicated to preserving historic architectural sites, new technological developments play a critical…

How Does LiDAR Work on the iPhone?

Robotic Imaging, January 31, 2022


Apple released the iPhone 12 Pro, with the incredible Light Detection and Ranging scanner (LiDAR) on the back. But how does Apple and its…

BIM Terminology Explained

Robotic Imaging, January 15, 2022


We understand that in the world of scanning, there might be new terminology you are not aware of. So, this article breaks down important…

Why Visualization Matters

Robotic Imaging, January 3, 2022


In recent years, visualization in this industry has become the primary method of communication. Effective visualization techniques and…

LiDAR For Land Surveying

Robotic Imaging, December 28, 2021


With the renovation of a vast number of Philadelphia’s homes, businesses, and factories, comes a view of new construction from every big…

Protecting Philadelphia Urban History

Robotic Imaging, December 21, 2021


Preserving the integrity of structures at a construction site is always the top priority for any developer, but this principle is…

When Should You Use Laser Scanning?

Robotic Imaging, December 10, 2021


When manually capturing the as built environment, it is nearly impossible to capture all the tiny details that compose the structure. There…

What Are Point Clouds?

Robotic Imaging, December 6, 2021


What exactly are point clouds? You might have heard of the term before, but not what it actually means. Simply put, point clouds are plotted…

The Changing Landscape of the Hospitality Industry

Robotic Imaging, May 13, 2021


In our current state with COVID-19, it has forced companies and people to reevaluate non-necessary travel. The two sectors most impacted by…

How to Use Your iPhone's LiDAR Technology

Robotic Imaging, May 7, 2021


In September 2020 Apple released the iPhone 12 Pro featuring a new LiDAR sensor that has been accustomed to their iPad Pro line. LiDAR…

Pre-LiDAR Capture Site Assessment

Robotic Imaging, May 5, 2021


In evaluating a property for a laser scanning there are a lot of variables consider. Our goal is to safely capture the most accurate point…

LiDAR Scanning Tips and Techniques for Converting Retail Spaces

Robotic Imaging, May 4, 2021


Since 2016, the rise of e-commerce has resulted in 40% of US retail sales growth. This has forced retail chains across the country to adopt…

How Microsoft Mesh is the Future of Modeling

Robotic Imaging, May 3, 2021


In March, Microsoft unveiled Microsoft Mesh, an all-encompassing API for the future of AR development, accessible on virtually any modern…

The Digitization of Physical Assets and Its Impact on the AEC Industry and US Economy

Robotic Imaging, May 3, 2021


The digitization revolution is continuing to spread throughout the U.S. economy and its accelerating pace doesn’t seem to be letting up…

The As-Built Colorized LiDAR Point Cloud: New Applications for the Built World

Robotic Imaging, April 19, 2021


Digital copies of the world can be depicted in a variety of formats, but the most important file type we must focus on over the next 3 years…